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Hey There! I'm Dana, a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner with a passion for the outdoors and mountain living.

I’m a dog-mom, avid mountain biker, bookworm, and chocolate lover. It would make my day to guide you along the winding trail that is your personal wellness journey!

It’s ok if you're just beginning or have been on this path for some time. Instead of chasing symptoms, we will take a big step back and instead look for the root cause(s). We will work together to get rid of the guesswork and arm you with a unique roadmap towards your healthier, happier future.

Are you ready to take the next step?

What Is Nutritional Therapy?

Simply stated, Nutritional Therapy is a holistic, food-first approach to wellness. A Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP) takes a multi-faceted approach to healing which considers the whole person. This approach dives deep into your current food habits, as well as important individual lifestyle factors, such as sleep patterns, stressors, environmental and social factors and much more.

When working with me, you can expect tailor-made nutrition and lifestyle recommendations that will...

Fully Support Your Specific Goals

Help Heal Your Unique Body

Be 100% Approved By You

Food For Thought...

Do you agonize over your food decisions, trying to decide what you “should” eat?
Do you struggle with digestive issues, brain fog, energy slumps, or headaches?
Are you overwhelmed by the sheer amount of nutrition and lifestyle information available to you?
Do you feel like what “used to work for you” simply isn’t working anymore?

Nutritional therapy can help with all the above and so much more!

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